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Sally Block offers private lessons on flute to elementary graders. She also teaches Hindustani bansuri (bamboo flute) to all ages. She performs at public and private events, churches, art galleries, and yoga studios.

With a classical Western music education through university, Sally went on to learn classical North Indian music with G.S. Sachdev, and modern music studies with jazzman Hal McKusick. She spent years in India honing her sound for depth and purity of spirit, collaborating with key world music players, and developing her place in EastWest fusion with her debut album Halfway to Midnight.

She played for workshops and recordings of 5Rhythms® founder Gabrielle Roth at Esalen in Big Sur, California and in New York.

“I have deep respect for Sally as a musician. She is one of the rare Westerners with a true 'feel' for Indian music."

-Chinmaya Dunster, music producer and composer at New Earth Records

“I was impressed with [Sally’s] use of different techniques, including use of Indian classical music, to focus on establishing good tone quality. She kindly kept [my student] nicely on track while he was in the Hamptons with his family. She is inventive and fun - two important qualities when teaching young boys!" -Barbara Lakota, Flute Teacher at Allen-Stevenson, New York, NY

“Sally has a wonderful way of connecting with children. Her approach to learning is relaxed yet serious. Sally's passion for music is contagious.”  

-Jennifer Zabinski, Jennifer Zabinski Events, New York, NY








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