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Halfway to Midnight

Rhythm & Raga.

Silver and bamboo flautist Sally Block plays evening Indian raga melodies and modal improvisation, featuring a classic form of call-and-response called jugalbandi in India, also used in jazz, with instrumentalists on Indian slide guitar, violin and the one hundred stringed Kashmiri santoor. Jazzy muted reed cornet and harmonica punctuate eastern, Moroccan and rock rhythms. Rhythm & Raga. World Music. Halfway to Midnight, when evening merges into night and relaxation into passion.



“I feel your heart in your music…” G.S. Sachdev, Bansuri master flutist


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Liner Notes

This journey begins on a Banyan tree lined road in India. The last streaks of color from sunset are disappearing and evening is turning to night. Cool air brushes your face as you hear crickets begin the beat. It’s halfway to midnight.

This music is appropriate for calming your hyper active dog, soothing your aching mind and heart, yoga, intimacy, dancing through bustling city streets or ambling down a lonely road.

1 Love and Freedom (Raga Bhimpalasi) 08:40

Traditional, arranged by Chinmaya Dunster

Sally Block: Bansuri, Silver Flute
Avinash: Indian Violin
Chinmaya Dunster: Guitar, Synth Pads, Bass
Ramadhan Suisse: Drums

2 Desert Stars (Raga Bhairavi) 07:02

Traditional, arranged by Chinmaya Dunster

Sally Block: Tamboura Bihar, Silver Flute
Avinash: Indian Violin
Ramadhan Suisse: Santoor, Claypot, Drums
Arthur Zo: Acoustic Bass
Chinmaya Dunster: Synth Pads
Will Ryan: Bodhran, Percussion

3 Bhoopali (Raga Bhupali) 05:22

Traditional, arranged by Chinmaya Dunster

Sally Block: Bansuri
Paule Ortegosa: Bass
Kavi: Keyboard
Ramadhan Suisse: Drums, Percussion

4 Halfway to Midnight (Raga Yaman) 09:07

Traditional, arranged by Chinmaya Dunster

Sally Block: Bansuri, Silver Flute
Amano Manish: Slide Guitar
Will Ryan: Muted Reed Cornet, Harmonica, Percussion
Chris Pfund: Acoustic Guitar
Chinmaya Dunster: Synth Pads, Bass
Michael Conrader: Drum Programming
CJ Pfund: Drum Fills

5 The Mystery (Raga Madhuvanti) 11:41

Sally Block, arranged by Chinmaya Dunster

Sally Block: Silver Flute
Ramadhan Suisse: Santoor, Pakawaj, Drums, Percussion
Chinmaya Dunster: Guitar, Synth Pads, Bass
Will Ryan: Bodhran

6 World of Love (Raga Kalavati) 08:31

Sally Block, arranged by Chinmaya Dunster

Sally Block: Bass Bansuri, Bansuri
Amano Manish: Slide Guitar
Chinmaya Dunster: Guitar, Bass
Kavi: Keyboard
Michael Conrader: Drum Programming

Executive Producer: Sally Block
Produced by Sally Block, Chinmaya Dunster & Michael Conrader
Recorded & Mixed at Ishvani Kendra, Pune, India, Quantum Sound Systems, Montauk, NY, Blue Ribbon Sound, NYC and Harbor Music Studio, Sag Harbor, NY
Engineered by Chinmaya Dunster & Michael Conrader
Mixed by Michael Conrader
Assistant Engineers: CJ Pfund, Colby Devereux, Karolina Jiraldo
Pro Tools Editing and Additional Drum Programming by Michael Conrader 

Mastered by Scott Hull at Scott Hull Mastering, New York

Published by Loshoba Music, LLC

Recorded and mixed using exclusively Apple Computers, Logic audio and Pro Tools

Special Thank You to: G.S. Sachdev, the Goddess of Music Saraswati, The Family Block, Will Ryan, Chris Pfund, Tim Healy, Bob Borbonus & Taylor Guitars, Mini Cooper for teleportation & to all named musicians and technicians for such heart, soul & expertise.

Cover photo & concept by Will Ryan; Cover graphics by Michael Shafron

2006 Loshoba Music, LLC


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